“For the second week in a row, as Omicron starts to spread across the country, the Government has decided to work a four day week,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Last week, Cabinet met on Tuesday instead of Monday because of Wellington Anniversary. They took the day off.

“Tomorrow, Cabinet also isn’t working because of Auckland Anniversary. You might be forgiven for thinking it’s because Jacinda Ardern is in isolation - but journalists have said she’s not missing any scheduled appointments tomorrow because the entire Cabinet is taking the day off.

“Businesses around the country are working hard to put plans in place to prepare for Omicron. What a slap in the face to know that after a long summer holiday - the people setting the rules are taking even more time off.

“It’s clear the Government was not prepared for Omicron. The situation with Rapid Antigen Tests is embarrassing. It should be using this time to make up for the work it didn’t do before Omicron reached the community.

“We’re yet to hear if Cabinet will also obverse the ten other regional anniversary holidays this year.”