Thursday, 4 July 2019

Government uses gun owners for cheap political theatre

“The Government’s latest PR stunt uses the gun community as a means of cheap political theatre”, ACT Leader David Seymour says.

“Police today showed media how large public gun collection and destruction events would work.

“Police Minister Stuart Nash proudly stood next to a military-style semi-automatic firearm which had been rendered inoperable by a hydraulic press.

“This kind of PR stunt will rub salt into the wounds of a community that already feels it is being scapegoated for the actions of a single foreigner.

“There is simply no need for such theatrics.

“If it were serious about public safety, the Government would have subjected its legislation to proper parliamentary and public scrutiny. It would have properly consulted experts on its price list instead of giving them five hours. It would be paying gun owners fair market value for their firearms. It is doing none of that.

“The fact that the Government is pursuing photo opportunities shows where its real priorities lie.

“Jacinda Ardern continues to run the Government like a PR firm. She has manufactured a series of incredibly successful marketing campaigns. Dave Dobbyn singing ‘Welcome Home’ at the KiwiBuild launch. Meeting the Queen in a korowai. Travelling to Paris to demand social media bosses clean up their platforms. Now the gun buyback.

“The Prime Minister must show she is interested in better public policy, not just good PR.

“There is significant disquiet in the gun community. If the Government wants firearm owners to comply with its buyback scheme, it must start respecting them.”