Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Government Must Share Transparent, Up to Date Data

"The Government must share open, transparent data," according to ACT Leader David Seymour

"Prime Minister has stated she knew of a Family with COVID-19 at 4pm on Tuesday afternoon. A simple question is whether the four people were all tested at once, or whether the other three were tested after a positive result.

"It takes a day to receive a test result, but no positive results were registered on the Ministry of Health’s Current Cases webpage yesterday.

"There must have been at least one positive to prompt the testing of family members, so why did it not appear in the data earlier? Is it the policy of the Government to share up-to-date data, or does it stage manage the Current Cases web page?

"New Zealanders who are making sacrifices for the common good again deserve transparency from our Government. The Prime Minister should release the timeline of when the tests took place and the results were released.

"This matters because we need to know how further cases will be notified. Business and households do not deserve a rolling maul of surprises.

"People will be anxious about their lives and Livelihoods, and deserve to be able to trust that the Government is being open about the data.