Friday, 1 October 2021

Government allows Auckland rule breaking

“A man who was allowed to isolate at home but repeatedly broke the rules has been enabled by the Government to let the entire Auckland community down,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“The man, who is understood to have gang connections, was allowed to remain at his home with a security guard posted outside.

“The security guard had a porta-loo delivered, which was put on a neighbour’s lawn. The Government's regard for law abiding New Zealanders is summed up by leaving a dunny on their front lawn.

“Despite the COVID positive man being told he and his family were not to leave the property – they repeatedly did until neighbours called the police who took them away after days of rule breaking

“ACT supports home isolation, but it relies on some level of trust. Only the Ardern Government would let a person that needed a security guard to watch him isolate at home. Only the Ardern Government would have him breaking the rules for days before acting. Smiles and slogans don’t work on everyone.

“The Government’s attitude here is insulting to Aucklanders who’ve done the right thing by staying home and getting vaccinated. And it’s insulting to Kiwis overseas who are desperate to come home and would love the opportunity to follow home isolation rules.

“COVID response Minister Chris Hipkins needs to explain how someone with so little regard for his neighbours and community was allowed this opportunity, putting so many other people at risk.”