“The Government’s announcement on boosters showed how all announcements should be done. Cabinet made the decision; the Prime Minister immediately shared the information with the public. People now know what the Government will do, and when,” says ACT Leader David Seymour. 

“We now know that if you had your vaccine six months ago, you will be able to get a booster starting in two weeks’ time, starting on November 29th. There was no announcement that the details of boosters will be announced at some time later in the week.

“The decision on Auckland’s borders and the shift to the traffic light system, though, remain the subject of recently announced future announcements. They should stop announcing announcements and simply give people certainty.

“If the COVID-19 Protection Framework, or ‘traffic light system’ offers better protection than the Alert Level Framework, then at what level of vaccination is that true? We’d been led to believe that level was 90 per cent, because that was the level at which the shift was supposed to happen.

“Jacinda needs to stop playing games, she doesn’t seem to appreciate that people’s lives are on hold and livelihoods are at stake. It’s exhausting for people to hear they have to wait until Wednesday, or the 29th. Treat us like grown ups and tell us a) what the Government knows and b) what uncertainties it still faces.

“It’s time to give New Zealanders some certainty, instead of announcements about announcements.”