ACT Leader David Seymour is disappointed but not surprised that the National Party will keep the Government’s wasteful Provincial Growth Fund.

On the AM Show this morning Duncan Garner pressed Paul Goldsmith on whether National would get rid of NZ First’s slush fund. The MP gave a flat “no” in response.

“National has campaigned hard in opposition on wasteful government spending and corporate welfare. It’s disappointing to hear that a future National Government would keep the Fund.

“But it is in keeping with recent history. National campaigned against Labour’s interest-free student loans, Kiwibank and Working for Families. Those schemes then remained in place under the Key Government.

“In addition to the Provincial Growth Fund, we could see Fees Free, KiwiBuild and other Labour-NZ First programmes become a permanent feature of the political landscape.

“It doesn’t have to be this way. A strong ACT Party would persuade National to end government waste and corporate welfare and return the money to taxpayers.”