Gangs are responsible for harm and chaos across the country, they peddle drugs, are violent and intimidating. They cause misery in our communities.

Imposing tougher sentences on gang members by making their membership an aggravating factor is an ACT policy that will mean less people see their only prospect as becoming a gang prospect. ACT also campaigned on issuing dispersal notices and non-consorting orders.

The gang members who ruin so many peoples’ lives are going to find more consequences for their actions because of ACT’s policies. ACT’s coalition document also got rid of Labour’s prisoner reduction target, commits to introducing Firearms Prohibition Orders, and reintroducing Three Strikes.

It’s time we sent a message to New Zealand that crime will be punished, that criminals can’t get away with committing senseless violent acts on people trying to earn a living, and that victims are at the heart of the justice system.

ACT believes protecting the safety and property of New Zealanders is the government’s first and most important job. We welcome policies that restore balance to a system that has become too focussed on criminals instead of victims.

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