The time to Change Your Future is now.

For three years, ACT has held Labour accountable, standing up for New Zealanders when other parties wouldn’t. Now we need you to stand with ACT.

Right now, New Zealanders face great uncertainty. That’s why ACT has produced a comprehensive five-point plan to restart the economy, reconnect safely with the world, and start repaying the debt.

A Party Vote for ACT is a vote to seize the opportunities that Covid-19 presents - with less tax and debt, and more freedom and personal responsibility.

New Zealand can emerge stronger from Covid-19, but we need you to stand with ACT and Change Your Future.

David Seymour MP
ACT Leader

Are you an ACT voter?

ACT is the party for those who:

  • Are individualistic

  • Have an eye on tomorrow and respect for the past

  • Believe that we should strive for more and deserve better

  • Have been treated unfairly, unjustly or disrespectfully by the Government

  • Understand that with freedom comes personal responsibility.

What does ACT believe?

ACT are the only party which:

  • Dares to challenge the status quo

  • Stands up for the underdog, the marginalised and those who are outside of the mainstream

  • Doesn’t give up, listens, and then – from End of Life Choice to cutting unnecessary red-tape and regulation - gets it done.

ACT's Policies