“The Prime Minister has today told Parliament that an extended Resurgence Payment is ‘under consideration,’ showing how removed she is from small business,” says ACT’s Small Business spokesperson Chris Baillie.

“The ACT Party strongly supports an extended Resurgence Payment, but again the Government is totally out of touch, having the issue ‘under consideration.’

“Here’s what the Prime Minister needs to consider: her ‘short-sharp lockdown’ is going into its fourth week with no end in sight. Businesses that took out loans last lockdown can’t do it again. If they run out of cash they won’t be there for the recovery.

“It’s been 18-months since the last lockdown. This latest lockdown has now dragged on for three weeks. There has been plenty of time to consider it – now let’s get on with it.

“Business owners are desperate and distraught as they watch money flowing out the door and none coming back in, through no fault of their own.

“The Government needs to do the kind thing and offer businesses the help they need.

“ACT is calling for the Resurgence Payments to be weekly under Level 4, Level 3 and for hospitality under Level 2.

“There is nothing left to consider. In order to save businesses and livelihoods the Government must act.”

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