PETITION: Freedom Day

ACT is calling for the Government to set a Freedom Day for 1 December, with any suburb reaching 90 percent fully vaccinated in the meantime having its restrictions lifted.

Sign the petition calling for Freedom Day on 1 December.

Labour’s plan means your freedom depends on the laziest person in your community. Restrictions might be dropped around 1 December, but exactly when will be decided by laggards. Every DHB reaching 90 percent is not a realistic target and keeps people guessing.

What businesses, students, and people needing healthcare need is certainty.

By 1 December, everyone will have had the chance to have had both shots and gained full immunity, and it will be time to open up.

ACT would take the following steps to freedom:

1. Set the date and stick to it
2. Supercharge vaccination with community partnerships and financial incentives
3. Engage every sector in all-in ‘sprints’ to reduce transmission, vaccination and death
4. Remove restrictions as we know them and get on with life.

ACT believes in personal responsibility. At some point we have to stop waiting for the stragglers, procrastinators, and crazies who believe anything they read online. Once everyone has had the opportunity to be vaccinated, it’s time to get on with life.

ACT has a plan that would get our freedom back. The Government adopted nine of the 15 recommendations in our COVID 2.0 plan. We call on them to take our COVID 3.0 recommendations, implement them, and then set a date for freedom.

Sign the petition calling for Freedom Day on 1 December.

Sign the petition for Freedom Day on 1 December

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