Tuesday, 15 December 2020

Free Press, 15 December 2020

Thank You, Merry Christmas

Free Press is signing off after perhaps the most extraordinary year in modern history. If we’d told you about 2020 this time last year, you wouldn’t have believed us. Amongst the chaos, the ACT Party Free Press readers like you support has succeeded enormously. In the last Free Press for 2020, we review what you’ve supported.

10 David Seymours

How are ACT’s new MPs going? With every exposure, ACT’s new MPs have come up trumps. Three have given Maiden Statements since the House resumed, and Nicole McKeeChris Baillie, and Simon Court’s speeches are well worth the watch. Brooke van Velden hasn’t even made her Maiden Statement, but her speech against raising income tax has been viewed 15,000 times online. By supporting ACT, you have helped raise the standards of debate in Parliament already.

David Seymour’s 2020

At any given time, Parliament contains only two to three politicians who can actually shift votes. Last election, it was Ardern and Peters. Everyone else lost or maintained. Now ACT has one (alongside Ardern and Chloe Swarbrick). He is now consistently rated third in the preferred Prime Minister stakes, and polls as second most trusted behind Ardern. In Epsom his majority increased again, bolstered by 23 per cent of Labour voters. Even 10 per cent of Green voters giving him their electorate vote. You can be sure you are backing a real change agent.

Real Change Already

1,893,290 New Zealanders voted Yes to the End of Life Choice Act. David Seymour says he was proud to have his name on the bill, but the real story is a team effort. The team included, not least of all, then staffer and now ACT Deputy Brooke van Velden.  The Act combines ACT’s philosophy of freedom with human compassion. Thousands of New Zealanders will now avoid excruciating death, instead having choice and control over how their life ends. Even those who disagree with the concept agree ACT delivered real change.

The COVID Period

The Herald’s veteran Political Editor Audrey Young describes ACT’s COVID response as ‘Pitch Perfect.’ David Seymour’s mantra of constructive criticism where necessary and helpful suggestions where possible was widely admired, as was his performance on the Epidemic Response Committee. Our Wellbeing Approach to COVID has stood the test of time. The Government is slowly introducing aspects of it months later. This week the PM even speculated about private sector isolation.

Honest Conversations Ahead

With our platform 10x larger, ACT has serious work to do for New Zealand. We will be called on to defend the core of our freedoms, free speech. The Government will follow its symbolic climate emergency with the first carbon budget that tries to micromanage the economy. ACT will be putting forward a better way with Honest Conversations about the emergencies the Government should have declared.

Honest Conversations about Some Other Emergencies

The country is practically uninhabited but we can’t build enough homes thanks to dysfunctional infrastructure and planning rules. We spend a fortune on a state education monopoly but Kiwi students are sliding down international rankings. Productivity growth is anemic, but Government policies are almost entirely focused on expensive regulation and redistribution instead of growth. There is a lot more to do for our country.

We Need Your Support as Much as Ever

We raised $1.6 million for the election, and our analysis shows Free Press readers are the biggest givers to ACT. Many people understandably think we only need donations in election year, but you don’t fatten the pig on market day. With our Parliamentary caucus, our party apparatus is growing. We need your support more than ever, so if you’re someone who’s had a good year, please consider investing in ACT’s future.