Monday, 12 October 2020

Free Press, 12 October 2020

Don’t Forget To Vote

It’s been a long road. Thank you for reading Free Press. This week is our chance to give themes familiar to Free Press readers a far bigger voice in Parliament and perhaps government. More speeches and questions in the House, more ACT MPs on select committees, more accountability. But, we need your Party Vote.

COVID’s Been Tough

Some have pivoted and prospered through 2020. We admire the entrepreneurs and innovators who’ve made the best of this time. For others, the impacts have been severe. Whichever way this year has affected you, we all need a better public health response. We have to accept this virus may not be going anywhere for some time, and get smarter about how we adapt. We need to maintain elimination with no more lockdowns and safely reconnect with the rest of the world.

ACT’s Approach

ACT has led the debate for New Zealand to become Taiwan-smart about COVID. It means a dedicated Epidemic Response Unit instead of a jury-rigged Ministry of Health. It means government sets and enforces clear rules of the game for the private sector to get on with it. It means managing risk appropriately, working with the private sector to use better technology, and comparing our response with the best, not scaring the people with comparisons to the worst.

The Debt

Politicians need to live within the same rules as everyone else. Many households and businesses have had to spend on necessities and cut out waste. The government needs to do the same, but Treasury now forecasts 15 years of deficits on current policy. Every other party is treating the election as a bidding war with borrowed money. ACT’s interactive Debt Destroyer puts the choices to balance the budget in front of the public.

The Opportunity

Our isolation has been our biggest drawback for as long as we’ve been a country. Being an island nation on a pandemic planet could be our biggest strength, if only we welcomed investment and innovation. At the moment, we are a country where it takes nine years to get consent to take water out of our biggest river into a quenched city. ACT’s plan for the economy shows how tax and regulatory reform could unleash a private sector recovery.

And So Much More

ACT’s mental health policy has been widely praised, from even the most unlikely sources as hard-left blogs. Our small and medium enterprise policy reaches the forgotten engine room of our economy. When the Royal Commission reports on the causes of our nation’s tragedy in Christchurch, it will be necessary to remake our firearm laws into the best in the world again. ACT will always stand four square for free speech. We also have the clearest solutions for infrastructure so the next generation can build homes like the boomers did. All of ACT’s policies including hunting, farming, tourism, welfare, and environment can be found here.

ACT Has Momentum

Colmar Brunton are forecasting ACT’s best result ever with 11 MPs in Parliament this Saturday. A poll of 30,000 Herald readers found David Seymour won the multi-party leaders’ debate with twice as many votes as the next candidate. People from all walks of life are flocking to ACT with their Party Vote. They tell Free Press they want to elect a genuinely independent team to hold all the others accountable.

How Good Is ACT’s Team

The more people find out about ACT’s team, the more they find to like. If you’re interested in our top candidates, please take a moment to check out their profiles here. Among them are more business owners, lawyers, engineers, former police officers, and teachers. It is the highest quality team any party is fielding and will make a great caucus.

The Final Push

Due to outdated laws, we are outgunned on TV and radio advertising. The Electoral Commission does the allocations, giving the large parties nearly 10 times what smaller parties receive. Thankfully, we have the internet. ACT has the best digital team of any party and our ads are cutting through. If you want to help elect more ACT MPs, please give generously for our final week’s push.