“ACT is supporting the hundreds of businesses across New Zealand who have had their voices heard in opposition to Labour’s backwards “Fair Pay” Agreements (FPAs),” says ACT’s Small Business spokesperson Chris Baillie.

“Over the last couple of days the Education and Workforce Select Committee has overwhelmingly heard from businesses who are deeply concerned by Labour’s plan for compulsory unionism. They said it will see prices increase, businesses close, and restrict New Zealand businesses from growing at a time when we desperately need them to.

“This policy is a relic of the 1890s which has been dusted off purely to help Labour’s union mates. It will do nothing to advance hardworking middle New Zealanders.

“This is a radical change to employment laws that is anti-democratic and anti-freedom. New Zealanders are free to join a union if they want to, it shouldn’t be forced upon them because of Labour’s blind ideology.

“With this legislation a tiny minority of workers have the ability to force the majority into a mandatory process. This is wrong and unfair on hardworking employees who can be held hostage by a minority.

“MBIE has warned the Government that FPAs will reduce productivity and make it harder for employers to grow. If they want to grow wages and give employees a fairer crack, they need to stop hammering businesses and allow the labour market to flourish.

“In summary. the Government’s so-called “Fair Pay” Agreements Bill amounts to unionism by stealth and will simply make it tougher for business who are already doing it tough.

“We want a country of innovation and productivity growth. Introducing a more bureaucratic way to set pay just won’t support that.”

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