Standing Up for Freedom Abroad

Protecting the safety of its citizens is the government’s first and most important job.

ACT believes that New Zealand, as a small country, should favour a rules-based international order. We have often been at the forefront of advocating this approach. However, we cannot rely on faith alone.

We need strong alliances with like-minded countries backed by adequate investment in our defence capabilities to ensure New Zealand’s security.

New Zealand is a trading nation. Our wealth depends on importing goods and services we can’t produce cheaply, and exporting those we can produce for high prices to large markets.

ACT has always been the strongest supporter of free trade in Parliament. We have been a reliable supporter of free trade agreements, giving governments of all stripes the numbers to confidently negotiate them.

ACT supports:

  • Maintaining and strengthening our traditional alliances, such as Five Eyes and the Commonwealth.
  • Continuing to lead the world with our relationships in Asia.
  • Emphasising our role as a leading country in the South Pacific. Aid should be focused and directed into the South Pacific.
  • Continuing to support bilateral and multilateral free trade agreements, as these are the basis of New Zealand’s prosperity.
  • Pursuing a free trade and free movement area between Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom (CANZUK).