Monday, 5 August 2019

First Person Accesses Assisted Dying – Victoria, Australia

An Australian citizen who fought cancer for a decade became the first person to use Victoria’s Voluntary Assisted Dying law.

Kerry Robertson passed away at 61-years old after eating her favourite meal, listening to her favourite music and spending her last moments speaking with her daughters. She had made her request for assisted dying on the day the law was enacted.

“Kerry Robertson was able to choose how her life ended, without suffering, surrounded by loved ones, with dignity. This is the kind of option that New Zealanders who want it should be able to have,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Despite the best efforts of palliative care, Kerry’s pain could not be alleviated but she was given the dignity and choice to face death on her terms and in her timing.

“Politicians in Victoria showed compassion for Kerry by giving her the right to make this final choice.

“New Zealanders suffering at the end of life deserve that same choice and I ask my fellow MPs to consider the status quo in New Zealand and vote in favour of the End of Life Choice Bill.

“Our neighbours across the ditch have shown us that their law is operating as intended. While we have been debating the Bill, the US States of Hawaii, New Jersey and Maine have also legalised assisted dying and provided choice to their residents.

“All the evidence from overseas shows it is possible to create strong laws that give choice to those who want it while providing safeguards to protect those who want nothing to do with it.”