PETITION: Make the 2021 Resident Visa fairer for all

The recently announced 2021 Resident Visa was great news for onshore work visa holders – and their families – who had lost hope for a pathway to residency and the ability to settle down in New Zealand.

Employers also breathed a sigh of relief as it provided them with greater certainty that they will be able to hire and retain desperately needed staff.

However, with a few changes, the Minister of Immigration can make this visa even better, and importantly, much fairer.

The ACT Party is therefore calling on the Minister to do the following:

1. Include Student Visa holders and their partners, prioritising those who have previously held a work visa

2. Reduce the wage criteria of $27 per hour to the previous median wage of $25.50 per hour

3. Include offshore work visa holders who meet the requirements of the visa, other than not physically being in New Zealand on 29 September 2021

If you agree, please sign the petition.

Dr James McDowall
Immigration Spokesperson


Sign the petition to make the 2021 Resident Visa fairer for all

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