“The 38 Afghan civilians who assisted New Zealand when we served in Afghanistan deserve our loyalty and support,” says ACT’s Immigration spokesperson Dr James McDowall.

“The lives of these people who gave so much to help New Zealand are now at risk and we can’t turn our back on them as the Taliban take over.

“Their support of the New Zealand Provincial Reconstruction Team is what has put them in danger. 

“The number of civilians who have been killed in Afghanistan in the first six months of 2021 is back at the highs seen in 2014.

“Kris Faafoi might as well just tell the world, ‘you can’t trust a Kiwi. Even if we enlist you to fight pure evil, and you help us, we won’t protect you.’

“The Government talks about wellbeing and the human rights of women and minorities, now they’re leaving a minority of brave Afghan patriots who helped us in the hands of sadistic patriarchal bigots.

“The Government talks a big game about New Zealand’s international reputation. Well, an ounce of loyalty to friends in danger is worth a tonne of America’s Cup coverage.

“It’s bad enough that Kris Faafoi has screwed up the Hate Speech legislation, the Conversion Practices Prohibition Legislation and the immigration system, but to now betray our allies is beyond the pale.

“Faafoi is now seriously damaging New Zealand’s international reputation by expressing values of betrayal where we should be showing loyalty.

“It’s time for this Government to practice the kindness it so regularly preaches at us.”