Wednesday, 9 December 2020

Extradition decision must be explained

“Police’s decision not to extradite the Korean diplomat accused of sexually assaulting a New Zealand citizen requires more explanation,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“The case meets the threshold for prosecution, but there is a different threshold, they say, for extradition. This requires a much better explanation.

“It might be understandable that Police don’t want to extradite someone from the other side of the world for stealing a loaf of bread, but this is sexual assault.

“Police need to explain why the rights of a sexual assault victim are different if the perpetrator is overseas. At the moment, their explanation is wholly unsatisfactory.

“New Zealanders cannot afford for Police to give the impression that they will not pursue foreigners who commit serious crimes in New Zealand.

“They need to make it clear that if they can prosecute a crime as serious as sexual assault, then they will not let extradition be a barrier to justice.

“The alleged victim feels they have been pushed aside by Government operatives who simply want the ‘problem’ to go away.

“The fact this information was released at the time our nation was overwhelmed with twin disasters this week wreaks of cynicism that must be exposed.

“The Commissioner of Police must revisit this issue so that justice is not only done, but seen to be done.”