Monday, 20 July 2020

EOLC flyer counters referendum misinformation

“The Electoral Commission’s purple flyer on the End of Life Choice Act is good, accurate information worth reading,” according to ACT Deputy Leader Brooke van Velden.

van Velden was a central figure in passing the law through Parliament last year, and now the public have a vote to confirm the law.

“If overseas campaigns are anything to go by, there will be an enormous misinformation campaign against the End of Life Choice Act. It’s important to counter than misinformation.

“People will say, for example, that the End of Life Choice Act would allow people to end their life because they have a disability, but reading the law explicitly rules that out.

“Misinformation is a problem in democracies around the world. We still have truthful politics compared with what happens in some countries. It’s critical that we don’t let misinformation highjack the End of Life Choice referendum.

“It’s critical that people are armed with good, accurate information in the face of inevitable misinformation about the Act. Even if you have to fish it out of the recycling, I highly recommend giving the purple flyer a read.

“Ultimately we want to live in a country where those suffering at the end of their life can exercise choice under a compassionate law. The alternative - suffering on for other people’s morality - is unacceptable.”