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Labour is hiking taxes before Christmas

without giving the public a say

Labour is about to increase the top income tax rate to 39 percent. It will rush this change through Parliament before Christmas without giving the public a say.

That’s completely undemocratic and it isn’t the kind of leadership you deserve.

Jacinda Ardern likes to say “we’re all in this together”, but she’s picking on a small group of people. For Labour, it’s okay to punish a minority, as long as they’re successful.

By hiking taxes on successful Kiwis, Labour is telling our kids: ‘if you study hard, get a good job, save, and invest wisely, we’ll tax you harder’.

That’s not the kind of message we should be sending to the next generation.

ACT believes in a culture of aspiration. Success should be celebrated, not punished.

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David Seymour MP
ACT Leader

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Prime Minister: Stop sneaking tax increases through Parliament before Christmas without hearing from the public.

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