Economic Recovery from Covid-19

Average New Zealanders are being squeezed from every direction. ACT will create new opportunities and deliver tax cuts for hardworking Kiwis.

Honest Conversations: Economy

You can read our discussion document, Honest Conversations: Economic Recovery from Covid-19, released in July 2021, here.

Alternative Budget

$3.8 billion a year in tax cuts

  • Cuts the 30% tax rate to 17.5%
  • Repeals the 39% tax rate
  • Reverses the Government’s interest deductibility change

Less debt on future generations

  • Delivers $11.2 billion in savings
  • $23 billion less debt
  • Returns to surplus by 2025

Allowing businesses to create new employment opportunities

  • Reverses the Government’s workplace relations changes, including Matariki and new sick leave entitlements
  • Reinstates 90-day trials for all businesses
  • Pauses minimum wage increases for three years

Standing up for rural and regional New Zealand

  • Allows regional councils, not Wellington, to set freshwater rules
  • Repeals the Zero Carbon Act and rejects the Climate Commission’s recommendations
  • Repeals the ban on new offshore oil and gas exploration permits

Cutting red tape and ensuring better quality lawmaking

  • Replaces the Resource Management Act
  • Shares 50% of GST from the construction of new homes with councils
  • Takes the politics out of infrastructure by allowing central and regional governments to enter 30-year infrastructure partnerships
  • Allows investors from OECD countries to invest without excessive bureaucracy
  • Proposes the Regulatory Standards Bill to limit government’s ability to pass harmful regulation

A smarter Covid-19 response

  • Epidemic Response Unit
  • Traffic light system for managed isolation
  • Business Travel Network and more in our COVID 2.0 Response Plan.

Read our Budget for Middle New Zealand.