Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Does he know he’s the Deputy Prime Minister

“On NZ First’s last ever day in Parliament, Winston Peters has conceded that he’s been completely impotent inside Cabinet,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Peters today condemned his own Government’s response to COVID-19. But he is one of seven members of the COVID-19 Cabinet Committee and the Deputy Prime Minister.

“It’s unsurprising his ideas haven’t been taken seriously inside the Cabinet. Winston Peters is yesterday’s man. Even today, he was still blaming a government that left office thirty years ago. He has spent forty years in Parliament but has no lasting achievements to show for it. New Zealanders don’t trust him because he never keeps his word.

“Despite this, I wish Peters all the best in his retirement.

“Meanwhile, ACT is running a positive election campaign focussed on the issues that matter.

“We’ve launched a Wellbeing Approach to tackling COVID-19 which learns from the best in the world. Our five-point economic plan will kick-start the economy and begin to repay the mountain of debt future generations have inherited.

“ACT is looking forward to having more MPs in the next Parliament to put forward positive, practical solutions and hold the others accountable.”