“Russell set herself this advanced directive back in March when she told media that if the Census didn’t hit the 90 per completion target, she would resign. However, when I questioned her in Parliament today, she refused to stand by her noble call.

“At the time ACT was impressed that a Minister would put their money where their mouth and pledge to deliver for New Zealanders. Finally, a Labour Minister who is willing to put tough targets in place and refuse to fail we thought.

“She didn’t spare any gimmicks to save herself from a self-inflicted sacking offence. $150k worth of taxpayer-funded Warriors tickets and food vouchers were thrown around like confetti. Ironically every game the Government tried to give tickets away to the Warriors lost. She still didn’t appear to know how many people actually completed the census as a result either.

“Unfortunately, Minister Russell has reverted to type for Labour, underdelivering in her portfolio, spending wildly in the process, and failing to take responsibility.”

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