“Thanks to Labour’s bungling bureaucracy, hardworking New Zealanders are locked down with their livelihoods threatened, and the Prime Minister still isn’t telling the truth. It is time for a reset. We need a purpose built, Taiwan-style, Epidemic Response Unit. It should draw on the best public and private sector advice," says ACT Leader David Seymour

"With the Ministry of Health and Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet waging war through the media, it is time for a reset. The Government should follow ACT and the Simpson-Roche report’s advice and install a purpose built, Taiwan style, Epidemic Response Unit.

“The Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet-run Unite Against COVID-19 Facebook page contradicted the Prime Minister, saying Case L was not required to isolate. The DPMC is claiming it got advice from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Health is denying it gave the advice.

“The two sides appear to be in a briefing war, where each side is quietly giving its version of events to journalists hoping to discredit the other. It sounds as though the relationship between the Ministry of Health and the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet has collapsed.

“The Simpson Roche Report said the All of Government group should be formed into a new directorate ‘mandated to work across government agencies to ensure the overall forward plan is brought together cohesively and in a way which allows for rapid and seamless deployment.’

“ACT’s policy, released in August said: ACT would establish a specialist multi-displinary epidemic response unit similar to Taiwan’s Central Epidemic Command Centre.”

“Such an integrated approach would improve the consistency of rulemaking, and the uptake of technology. With a better organised response, hardworking New Zealanders mightn’t be giving up so much right now for Labour’s bungling and warring bureaucracy.

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