Monday, 10 August 2020

Cooks bubble hold up shows Labour isn’t fit to govern

“The hold up with a Cooks bubble shows Labour isn’t fit to govern,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“There’s no community transmission in New Zealand or the Cooks, but the PM still isn’t able to announce a travel bubble.

“Either New Zealand still has the world’s dumbest borders or Labour is politicising the situation.

“If the Government can’t establish a travel bubble between two Covid-free parts of New Zealand, what can it do? The growing number of blunders at the border show Labour couldn’t run a bath.

“People are increasingly worried about jobs and economic security. If it takes three months for this Government to sort out travel to Covid-free islands, how will it handle a real public health challenge such as another outbreak?

“The alternative scenario is far more worrying. As former PM Helen Clark suggested the other day, the election could be driving Labour’s strategy at the border.

“Despite the fact that remaining locked down and spending billions isn’t a sustainable plan, Labour doesn’t want to take any risks before September 19. But putting politics above people is completely wrong.

“Either way, New Zealanders need a new government. Labour isn’t fit to govern.”