Friday, 9 August 2019

Chinese diplomats show stunning hypocrisy

“Chinese diplomats’ praise for violent students at the University of Auckland and condemnation for Hong Kong protestors demonstrates stunning hypocrisy”, ACT Leader David Seymour says.

“The Chinese Consul General this morning condemned the protests in Hong Kong as disrupting order and the rule of law.

“But just eight days ago, the Consulate praised a group of students who assaulted a peaceful protester opposed to the Hong Kong extradition bill at the University of Auckland. These comments encouraged violent behaviour and undermined the rule of law.

“The Consul General also warned foreign nations against supporting the Hong Kong protests, implying this would represent interference in internal Chinese affairs. Over the past few weeks, the Consulate has done just that in New Zealand.

“The Consulate has so far has failed to address the legitimate concerns I have raised about its actions in New Zealand.

I wrote to the Consul General on Monday about attempts to limit free speech in our universities and interference in New Zealand’s internal affairs. Jacinda Ardern and Winston Peters spoke up on Wednesday.

“That there has been no public response whatsoever shows China is willing to thumb its nose at New Zealand law and values, and diplomatic conventions.”