This Sunday applications closed for candidates to put their hands up to represent Epsom at Youth Parliament 2019. 


Three politically-astute candidates put themselves forward, nominated by two students each for the role.


Unlike other MPs, David Seymour is putting the selection of Youth MP for Epsom in the hands of the students of Epsom.


“Out of 120 Youth MPs, Epsom’s Youth MP will be the only one elected by their peers,” says Mr Seymour.


“The candidates will present their vision for the Epsom electorate and its residents at an election in front of their peers held at 1.30pm Sunday, 14 October, at the Auckland Normal Intermediate Hall.


“All are welcome to attend the debate but only students carrying a valid student ID will be able to vote by secret ballot for their favourite candidate to represent them at Youth Parliament.


“It’s great to see politically engaged students putting themselves forward to represent the youth of Epsom. I look forward to watching their campaigns unfold.”