Standing up for Rural New Zealand

ACT wants to see rural New Zealand given the respect it deserves. 

Our farmers are the most efficient in the world, feed millions of people, and kept the economy going through COVID-19.

Instead of being thanked, they’ve been demonised.

Real solutions for our primary industries

ACT would dump Three Waters - we've proposed a different Water Infrastructure Plan.

We were the only party to oppose the Zero Carbon Act and we are the only party proposing to repeal it.

Our primary industries spokesperson Mark Cameron put forward legislation to take freshwater regulations out of the hands of Wellington bureaucrats and hand them back to regional councils and local communities.

We would ensure a level playing field so large forestry investors don’t drive small farmers out.

ACT doesn't accept farmers should be forced into an ETS or methane emissions scheme. We recognise methane has a different effect on global temperatures compared to converting fossil fuel to carbon dioxide. We'll push government to provide more accurate measurement and management frameworks for methane emissions.

ACT has put forward a number of real solutions for our primary industries to give rural New Zealand the respect it deserves.

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