“The ACT Party supports the Remuera butcher who’s shown the chops to challenge the ridiculous rules that stop butchers from operating,” says Epsom MP and ACT Leader David Seymour.

“The Police have visited the Victoria St Butcher for providing a click and collect service, while the dairy next door is operating.

“It’s absurd that he has been stopped from running a system that allows people to support his business while people can go into the dairy next door. It’s even more absurd that he can deliver but can’t provide a contactless pick-up service.

“It’s time for the Government to show some common sense when it comes to butchers, greengrocers, and bakers.

“The Government has had 18-months to sort this out. Instead, it’s been taking the world’s longest nap.

“Why is it that people can visit the New World up the hill or the Farro over in Orakei with 100 other people, but there can’t be a one in, one out system or click and collect at the butchers?

“It’s time for the Government to show fairness on this issue. Butchers who meat the standards of other similar businesses, and should be allowed to open on the same terms.”