“Labour isn’t just cutting open the golden goose, they’re wringing its neck”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Two days after we found out that New Zealand is in the deepest recession in living memory, Labour is piling on red tape and compliance costs.

“The last thing businesses can afford right now is to raise the minimum wage and pay out more leave. Whoever forms the next Government has a responsibility to support our businesses to recover, not kick them while they’re down.

“This is all against the backdrop of what will be a long and fragile recovery from the biggest GDP drop in New Zealand history.

“For a recovery to happen, one New Zealander has to decide to employ another, hundreds of thousands of times over in the coming years. This policy tips the scales away from recovery.

“There is no evidence that people are being forced to work while sick. We can only assume this policy is being driven by the unions who back Labour.

“Labour doesn’t understand small business. It’s only interested in helping its union mates.

“ACT has a plan to recover the economy. We would put a three-year moratorium on raising the minimum wage and reinstate 90-day trials for all businesses.

“ACT has a fully-costed plan for economic recovery, which keeps the debt low, cuts taxes, and gets the country back to surplus, while keeping Kiwis in work.”

Our policy can be found here