Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Black-suited NZ First Ministers go from dodgy to sinister

Shane Jones’ threat that the Government would ensure the Serious Fraud Office take a close look at the National Party’s donations issue has taken them from dodgy minders of the public purse to something much more malign and sinister, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

The Minister made the chilling comment in the General Debate in Parliament this afternoon.

“The recent behaviour coming from the black suits of the NZ First Party is taking on a Mussolini-like quality as they seek to abuse Government power for political purposes.

“First, Shane Jones helped get millions for an organisation he once chaired. Then, Ron Mark threatened a veterans’ group that he would withdraw their funding if they didn’t support NZ First.

Now, Jones says, in relation to the SFO’s investigation into National:

“We will study every single step they take, to ensure, to ensure, because it’s the National Party, it’s not whitewashed. We will ensure that happens. This is incredibly serious, and people may very well, sir, go to jail.”

“The SFO is an independent entity and the National Party deserves to be investigated impartially.

“Jones is either willing to erode the rule of law for political gain, or he is so desperate for a distraction that he’s willing to make New Zealand look like a banana republic.”