“Bad behaviour from her Cabinet colleagues suggests the Prime Minister will soon run out of ministerial talent and should consider adopting ACT’s Smaller Government Bill”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.


The Bill would restrict the number of highly-paid Ministers to 20, providing much more focus and accountability inside Cabinet. It would also cut the number of MPs to 100 and remove the Māori seats.


“After incidents at a youth summer camp, and now allegations of assault inside a ministerial office, it’s clear the Labour Party is a dangerous place to work.


“The Prime Minister has had issues with Meka Whaitiri, Clare Curran and Phil Twyford. Shane Jones’ behaviour suggests he will be next to go.


“At the current rate of demotions, the Prime Minister will dump 12 Ministers in this parliamentary term.


“Aside from the likes of Deborah Russell and Kiri Allan, the PM doesn’t have a lot of talent to choose from.


“Instead of looking to the backbenches for ministerial reinforcements, Jacinda Ardern need only adopt ACT’s Smaller Government Bill.”