“Middle income New Zealanders are waking today to the realisation they were an afterthought in yesterday’s Brain Drain Budget and they’ve been shafted by Labour,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“ACT has prioritised middle income workers, those who work hard and are swimming against the tide of rising inflation that has been caused by out of control Government spending.

Our Real Change Budget would let someone on the the average income of $73,000 keep an extra $2185 of their own money. 

“That sort of relief would give real change to someone’s life.

“Middle income New Zealanders were an afterthought in this Budget. Labour has lost touch with every day Kiwis.

“ACT’s Alternative Budget for real change would simplify the tax system from six different tax rates down to two. Simpler taxes don’t just mean less bureaucracy, they send a message that we are committed to a future where we won’t fleece you for every extra effort. It’s about exorcising tall poppy syndrome from the New Zealand psyche.

“Instead, Labour has delivered a Brain Drain Budget. Tax the productive to fund Labour’s ideological fantasies, then just hope they don’t leave. Unfortunately, more and more will.”