“Anti-lockdown protests in Auckland are insulting law abiding Aucklanders. We may end up locked down longer because an anti-lockdown protest spreads COVID” says ACT Leader and Epsom MP David Seymour.

“Our largest city has been locked down nearly seven weeks. Now a selfish minority may make it worse for the majority, and I bet they’re too simple to see the irony.

“The Government has to take some responsibility, too. This unrest will only grow if the Government itself doesn’t start telling the truth and offering a plan. This lockdown isn’t working and we need a new plan, but the Government has its head in the sand.

“At Alert Level 3, travel is restricted and only allowed for permitted movement in your local area.

“Today’s protest was beside the Epsom electorate. I’ve never met a Destiny supporter in Epsom. In our community, the Christian teaching is selflessness. Brian Tamaki’s stunt is not Christian, it is the ultimate in selfishness.

“ACT supports the rule of law, the Government should enforce clear rules for everyone without fear or favour.

“Yesterday, we revealed a man with gang links was allowed to isolated at home and repeatedly break the rules.

“We’ve also seen dozens of gang members break the rules to attend funeral precessions.

“Today, thousands have taken to the streets with no repercussions. COVID Response Minister Chris Hipkins needs to explain how a small few are able to get away with endangering many.”