A major public debate on the Government’s Tomorrow’s Schools reforms will put a spotlight on education, says ACT Leader and Epsom MP David Seymour.

"The Government's education reforms will arguably have wider-reaching implications than a capital gains tax, but they’ve been subject to less media scrutiny.

"This is the first time proposers of the reforms and their critics will debate the proposed changes in an open forum.

"The meeting, to be held tomorrow at the 1000-seat Holy Trinity Cathedral, will feature the highest-calibre speakers.

"Bali Haque and Dr Cathy Wylie are two of the main authors of the proposed education reforms.

"Professor Gary Hawke and Hon Richard Prebble were both involved in the introduction of Tomorrow's Schools 30 years ago. Neither believe the current education system is perfect, but both agree the proposals would make education much worse.

"It is important that people have the highest-quality opportunity to be informed, make up their own minds, and submit their views to the Taskforce.

"The education changes proposed are larger than any since the original Tomorrow’s Schools reforms in 1989.

"The proposals put in jeopardy each community’s ability to elect the governors of their schools, and in turn control zones, the employment of principals and teachers, the development of property, and the character of their school.

"Given the importance of education, I look forward to a constructive exchange of views on the topic."