The Prime Minister’s failure to take a position on the political crisis engulfing Venezuela is telling, according to ACT Leader David Seymour.

“We can’t help but wonder if her reticence betrays her socialist views.

“Jacinda Ardern has been more than willing to criticise right-wing governments. She has given Donald Trump a piece of her mind and is billed as the world’s ‘anti-Trump’. She has attacked Malcolm Turnbull’s stance on refugees.

“Why not taking a firm stand on socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro who has brought starvation and ruin to his country?

“Could it possibly be because the PM is a socialist at heart?

“Jacinda Ardern was elected as president of the International Union of Socialist Youth in 2008. Her credentials are impeccable. Perhaps she cannot be seen to criticise her comrade in Caracas.

“One can only imagine her reaction to events if Venezuela was run by a right-wing government.”