“The Government should ensure there are vaccination centres set up at all ports tomorrow, and insist on enforcing the rules. Instead Ardern has made another announcement instead of action, waiting weeks before port workers must be vaccinated,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“We have almost a hundred Tauranga Port workers who have potentially been exposed to COVID. There are more than a thousand unvaccinated port workers around the country.

“Jacinda Ardern’s response is to give port workers another three weeks to get vaccinated.

“Ardern says it’s ‘crunch time by the end of this month, if those workers are not vaccinated.’ Really? She issued the same ultimatum in April. Ardern is all announcements and no action.

“The Government has no sense of urgency. It should look at how quickly things have spiralled out of control across the ditch.

“The Government keeps telling us there’s no shortage of vaccine. If that’s the case, get the vaccine out to all ports around the country in the morning and say, if you want to work, follow the rules.

“Our border is where COVID will come in. It needs to be protected.”

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