ACT Leader David Seymour has welcomed Simon Bridges’ commitment to introducing no new taxes in the first term of a National-led government and to repealing any capital gains tax.

“ACT will hold the National Party to today’s commitment.

“The tax burden facing New Zealand families is too heavy because successive governments have wasted billions of dollars in low-quality spending.

“National and Labour are both guilty of spending billions on handouts for big business and middle-class welfare like interest-free student loans and Fees-Free.

“Families would be thousands of dollars better off if they were simply allowed to keep the money they earned.

“While ACT welcomes National’s tax commitment, New Zealanders have heard this before. During the 2014 election campaign, Steven Joyce committed to ‘no new taxes’.

“But, during the following parliamentary term, National pushed ahead with the bright-line test/capital gains tax, a Netflix Tax, a border clearance tax, and increases to tobacco taxes.

“Any future centre-right government needs a strong ACT Party to ensure National keeps its word.”