Thursday, 21 October 2021

ACT welcomes FTA

“The ACT Party today welcomes news of the in-principle Free Trade Agreement between New Zealand and the United Kingdom, it is fantastic news. In a time we find little to agree with the Government on, this is excellent work,” says ACT’s Deputy Leader and Trade spokesperson Brooke van Velden

“The access is comparable to that of Australia, so it meets the first test. The second test will be ensuring the provisions come true over the coming years, and the trend is towards further liberalisation.

“New Zealand farmers helped to pull us through the COVID-recovery, New Zealand’s DNA is that we are a trading nation, with some of the finest agricultural produce in the world.

“The UK is the world’s fifth largest economy, so trading with the UK is highly significant opportunity to diversify our markets and raise prices for our producers.

“Free trade agreements drive growth, while reducing costs to consumers and increasing productivity – a key indicator for the quality of life enjoyed by all New Zealanders.

“ACT has always been the strongest proponent of free trade in Parliament. We welcome today’s news.”