Thursday, 23 April 2020

ACT welcomes common sense on hunting

ACT Leader David Seymour has welcomed the Government’s common sense approach to hunting at Alert Level 3, but says it could provide greater flexibility for hunters without increasing the level of risk.

“The initial ban on hunting at Alert Level 3 was illogical which is why I wrote to Jacinda Ardern and Winston Peters last week to ask them to reconsider the issue”, says Mr Seymour.

“Hunting is a safe activity and any risks can be minimised. It is encouraging that the Government has taken a more evidence-based approach.

“As we’ve seen with judgments on what an ‘essential’ business is, arbitrary and illogical decisions lead to confusion and are viewed by the public as unfair, undermining confidence in the Government’s COVID-19 response.

“While the Government has broadly made the right call, it could provide more flexibility for hunters without increasing the level of risk.

“Facilitators at gun ranges could safely open under COVID-19 restrictions so that hunters are able to check their equipment before heading out.

“With no overnight hunts, it would also be sensible to allow hunters to use quad bikes so they can get back home before dark.

“The Government should also consider issuing safety guidelines for hunting at Alert Level 3.”