Responding to the Court of Appeal finding in favour of the Waitangi Tribunal in its action against Children's Minister Karen Chhour, ACT Justice spokesperson Todd Stephenson says:

“The Waitangi Tribunal has gone well beyond its brief and has become increasingly activist. It’s tried to become a source of authority in its own right. The Tribunal appears to regard itself as a parallel government that can intervene in the elected Government’s policymaking process.

"The Tribunal's actions exemplify why ACT is introducing a Treaty Principles Bill. It's time we defined the principles of the Treaty based on the three Articles written and signed in 1840, so that all New Zealanders are treated equally, rather than the Treaty being considered a partnership between the Crown and Māori.

"We also look forward to the delivery of the Coalition's commitment to amend the Waitangi Tribunal legislation to refocus the scope, purpose, and nature of its inquiries back to the original intent of that legislation."

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