“With the special votes finally counted, ACT is proud to have achieved its greatest ever election result. Now it’s time for real change,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Thank you to those who have supported us, we now have a record 11 ACT MPs in Parliament, and for the first time ACT holds two electorate seats with Brooke van Velden’s victory in Tamaki and my re-election in Epsom.

“With the results now final, we can continue our work to form a stable and united government to address the many challenges New Zealand faces.

“There needs to be a strong economy built around creating conditions for prosperity, red tape reducing productivity and increasing costs needs to be tamed, the streets need to be made safe again by ensuring consequences for crime, the public service needs to be less focussed on spending and more focussed on outcomes in areas like health and education, and there needs to be an end to the division being caused by co-government.

“This is what the next government has been elected to do. ACT received our biggest ever election result off the back of consistently being the voice of common sense when it comes to these issues. We're bringing these solutions to the negotiating table and striving for real change in these areas.

“We’re committed to forming the stable and united government that New Zealanders need and have voted for. We have had productive discussions with National already, and we expect negotiations to be carried out in a timely manner so New Zealanders can have a government working for them as soon as possible.

“To every Kiwi who trusted ACT with their vote, thank you. We will work tirelessly to repay this faith with real solutions for ending waste and fixing the economy, making streets safe again, and ending division by race.”

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