ACT Leader David Seymour has welcomed the release of a report tabled in the Victorian Parliament today.

“The first official report from Victoria shows that Assisted Dying laws work. They give choice to those who want it, protected by rigorous safeguards.

“I anticipate a well funded campaign of Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt this year by opponents of the End of Life Choice Act. I just keep pointing to the indisputable international evidence that is found in rigorous academic research and, in this case, official Government reports. These laws are working.

“The first official report out of Victoria shows 100 per cent of assisted dying cases have been confirmed as compliant with the law and show the law is working as intended. 

“Victoria’s process is overseen by a former Supreme Court Judge, who has been going over the State’s new process with a fine tooth comb."

Chair of the Voluntary Assisted Dying Review Board and Former Supreme Court Judge Betty King QC says “I have not seen - and I have been looking, believe me, I have seen no indication of any type of coercion.”

“The report also includes feedback from families and loved ones of those using the Victorian law. Those people have been widely supportive of assisted dying.

The Victorian experience to date provides more reason why New Zealanders should vote ‘yes’ to the End of Life Choice Act this September."

The report can be viewed here: