“ACT today launched an online calculator that allows Kiwis to be part of an honest conversation about the debt,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Our ‘Debt Destroyer’ shows the choices the we face. We can keep giving handouts to wealthy New Zealanders and trendy businesses, borrow money to play the stockmarket, and continue programmes that don’t work. Or we can save billions so future generations don’t have to pay it back.

“Labour, helped by New Zealand First and the Greens, has borrowed $140 billion. That’s $28,000 for each and every New Zealander. It’s the average credit card debt five times over.

“Worse, politicians are now making big election promises to hand out even more taxpayer money.

“Every other political party is in a race to spend more money. But every extra dollar government spends right now will have to be taxed later.

“It’s the kids currently at intermediate who’ll lose. They’ll pay higher taxes for fewer services tomorrow because of politicians’ irresponsibility today. Borrowing now and forgetting tomorrow is fiscal child abuse.

“When businesses and households tighten their belts, so should politicians. We need an honest conversation about our spending and debt problem.

“The Debt Destroyer asks New Zealanders to be part of an honest conversation. Users will be able to choose to reduce spending on certain items, and see how much can be saved and how much sooner we’ll start to repay the debt.

“Our Debt Destroyer will start an honest conversation with Kiwis about the sensible steps politicians can take to reduce the debt.

“Only ACT has a fully costed plan to get back to surplus and start repaying the debt now.

“A Party Vote for ACT is a vote to look to the future and confront our challenges as a country.”

ACT’s Debt Destroyer can be found here.

ACT’s fully costed economic plan to return us surplus can be found here.