ACT Leader David Seymour is asking the public to submit and vote on the questions it would like answered by the Government on its response to COVID-19.

“Keeping our democracy strong through the COVID-19 crisis will be vital”, says Mr Seymour.

“Parliament has been adjourned but we are still a parliamentary democracy.

Seymour is one of eleven MPs that will sit on the Epidemic Response Committee while Parliament is suspended.

“We want to make sure we’re asking the best possible questions of the Government. New Zealand businesses, households and workers are on the frontline of this crisis, and that’s why we’re crowdsourcing their questions online.

“The questions could be about the COVID-19 testing criteria, the wage subsidy package, or how Police are enforcing the lockdown. We will be able to ask better questions with the help of the public.

“ACT has said all along that we will offer support to and constructive criticism of the Government throughout this crisis. We will also continue to do our job as the Opposition and hold it to account. ACT is committed to keeping democracy strong through the COVID-19 crisis.”