“Pressure from the ACT Party has forced Justice Minister Kris Faafoi to shelve his plans to put cancel culture on steroids,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Faafoi won’t commit to passing his proposed Hate Speech laws this term despite previously saying he would. This is a huge win for New Zealanders who are sick of this Government interfering with every part of their lives.

“The hate speech laws would have created a divided and hateful society where cancel culture would spiral out of control.

“Faafoi should now concentrate on the huge issues this country faces with out of control gang crime instead of locking people up for saying things he doesn’t agree with.

“While these laws are shelved for now, Faafoi claims they remain on his agenda. If we can't live without hate speech laws, why doesn't he introduce them? If we can, why restrict people's freedom and divide society?

“The truth is ACT has shown the public how bad these laws will be. Labour knows they won’t be popular but they’re trying to save face by saying they might do them later.

“If Faafoi is going to backdown then he should just be honest and backdown the whole way.

“While the perpetually offended will be disappointed they won't be able to start petitions and lynch mobs against people they disagree with, most New Zealanders will be pleased to see the back of this dangerous and hateful law.”