Thursday, 14 February 2019

ACT calls on Peters to drop legal action

ACT Party Leader David Seymour is calling on Winston Peters to drop his legal action over the alleged leaking of the details of his superannuation overpayments.

1 News reported this evening that Peters has racked up at least $80,000 in taxpayer-funded legal fees. Although the figure remains unknown, Cabinet has approved even more money for Peters’ case, so New Zealanders could be on the hook for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Peters is also seeking damages for the alleged leak.

“New Zealand’s most expensive citizen is taking taxpayers for another ride.

“This money could have been spent on hiring teachers or police officers, but Peters has lost sight of that in his quest for revenge.

“It would have been much simpler and cheaper had he simply filled out his superannuation form correctly in the first place.

“Winston Peters was first elected to Parliament in 1978. If you add up his salary, his travel, his perks, and years of pork barrel spending, he is undoubtedly this country’s most expensive citizen.

“Taxpayers will be better off when he goes, but in the meantime he should drop his self-serving legal action.”