“The ACT Party has this evening moved a motion in Parliament asking for Labour and National’s rushed housing policy to go back to Select Committee,” says ACT Deputy Leader and Housing spokesperson Brooke van Velden.” 

“Every party, other than the Greens voted down the opportunity to improve this rushed and deeply flawed legislation. 

“ACT has expressed concerns about this deal from the get-go. ACT wants to support good policy to solve the housing crisis. We can’t support the legislation as it currently stands.

“Submitter after submitter at the shortened Select Committee expressed concerns about the Bill – and yet very few changes were made. It was sent back to Parliament so it could be rushed through without scrutiny before Christmas. 

“Builders and councils say the real shortage is infrastructure and councils can’t afford it. It doesn't matter how many houses could be theoretically built if there are no connections to pipes. Without more infrastructure, there won't be more houses in total, they'll just be in different places.

“ACT has proposed local councils receive a payment equivalent to 50 per cent of the GST for every new dwelling constructed in its territory. This provides an incentive for councils to enable building and a means of covering infrastructure costs.

“By sending the Bill back to Select Committee we had an opportunity for people to have a proper say and allow Parliament to get the legislation into a position where we can do it once and do it properly. 

“This policy divides New Zealanders against each other. Homeowner will resent having a three-storey home blocking their view and light and young New Zealanders will resent that the housing crisis hasn’t been solved. 

“It’s a sad day for democracy that Labour and National want to pass this through without proper scrutiny or improvements. ACT believes in good public policy and proper processes for law making. We commend the Greens for taking a stand with us today.”