“The Infrastructure Commission’s draft 30-year plan shows we need 115,000 more homes and meaningful RMA reform to fix the housing crisis and ACT has the solutions,” says ACT’s Infrastructure spokesperson Simon Court.

“Labour was elected to fix housing because National failed. Now Labour has failed as well. It’s time for ACTion.

“Young New Zealanders should live in a country where the Kiwi dream of home ownership isn’t out of reach.

“ACT is the only party in Parliament that is putting forward new policies and innovative ideas.

“The underlying problem in housing is the shortage of urban land. We need new ways to fund and build infrastructure, new coordination between central and local government, new rules for consenting land, and new ways of accessing building materials.

“We have proposed a GST-sharing scheme, we’d remove barriers to finance for build-to-rent schemes and we’d introduce a Public-Private Partnership Agency – the Nation-Building Agency (NBA).

“Every Government says it’ll fix housing. None have, but this Government is the worst.

“Faced with one of the biggest crises in a generation, the Government’s proposed changes to the RMA risk creating a regulatory nightmare rather than being a silver bullet for development. The proposal focusses on central planning and its priority is to honour the Treaty. That won’t get things built.”

More details about ACT’s plan can be found here

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