“ACT is changing the way the public service operates so it is focussed on outcomes for taxpayers rather than spending your money just because it can,” says ACT’s Public Service spokesperson Todd Stephenson.

“ACT’s coalition agreement commits to delivering savings in public sector spending by reducing non-essential back office functions, with expenditure reduction targets to be set for each agency, informed by the increase in back office head count at that agency since 2017. And that when evaluating government expenditure, departments should assess it on the extent to which it is delivering a public good.

“Earlier this year it was revealed the Department of Internal Affairs spent $17,000 welcoming its new Deputy Chief Executive, while the Ministry for Pacific Peoples spent $40,000 farewelling its Chief Executive. To these organisations it’s chump change, to taxpayers who have paid more and more tax for declining public services under Labour’s tenure, it’s another reminder of why Labour has left such a mess behind.

“ACT knows that the money spent by government has been taken from hard-working New Zealanders and they deserve value for it.

“The culture of extravagance in the public service needs to end. Under this government we expect the public service will start thinking about how it is serving taxpayers again, rather than itself.”

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